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Footprints on the James

Andrew Shaw is adventuring and investigating in the history-steeped rivers of Virginia. He has navigated down the James River for a trip through time and into the colonial past.

Why Is the Cold U.S. Winter Killing Off Stinkbugs?

The brutal U.S. winter is killing off the invasive Asian stinkbug, a new experiment shows.

Saving This Small Fish Can Help Save the Ocean

I’ve always loved fresh fish. As a chef, there’s nothing like cooking a striped bass or bluefish straight from the Chesapeake — watching as the skin darkens, caramelizes, and releases just a hint of the unmistakably sweet, yet salty, fragrance of the Bay. But as a sustainability advocate, I’ve also grown concerned about the health of a key food source for these and many other species along the Eastern seaboard — a small fish known as menhaden.

National Geographic Bees Make D.C. a Little Sweeter

The National Geographic Society picked up several hundred new employees this past week. They will work 24 hours a day, rain or shine, and will live on our rooftop. In turn, they will produce one of the most amazing substances known in the universe–it is honey; they are bees.

The Known World

“Universalis Cosmographia” by Martin Waldseemüller.   The Known World of Edward P. Jones’ Pulitzer Prize-winning novel is set in mythical Manchester County, Virginia before the Civil War and centers on the surprising and  little-known practice of free blacks who themselves owned slaves.  Jones’ depiction of life in that rural community is so detailed and nuanced,…