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New Species: Pink-and-Yellow Frog With Spikes

High in the mountains of Vietnam, scientists have found a “striking” new species of pink-and-yellow frog covered with sharp spikes, a new study says.

Illegal Trade: The Rhino and the Bling

So your latest model Ferrari is parked in a prominent spot outside the top five-star hotel in the capital. You are meeting friends for a drink and since it is pleasantly warm you wear a short sleeve shirt so there is no way they can miss the golden Rolex on your left wrist—they will know…

The Silent Crisis: Vietnam’s Elephants on the Verge of Extinction

As the slaughter of the remaining elephants in Africa continues without interruption, elephants in Vietnam—without media attention and a pack of NGOs calling for their protection—are quietly disappearing. Victim of an intensely and increasingly fragmented habitat, weak environmental laws, human-elephant conflicts, logging, and poaching, elephants in Vietnam are teetering on extinction. According to some reports,…

Forests and Flying Frogs: New Friends in Far Away Places

My passion for amphibians and their conservation brought me to this mountainous region in Vietnam in search of amphibians, but this post is about people.

Rare Saola, Dubbed “Asian Unicorn,” Sighted for First Time in 21st Century

Camera traps have captured images of a saola, an antelope-like mammal often referred to as the “Asian unicorn,” in the forests of Vietnam. This incredibly rare species was last seen in the wild 14 years ago, and has only been known to science since 1992.

Phallus Mushroom Found in Lam Dong, Vietnam

The two-inch fungus with a brown head, first discovered off Africa in 2009, has been found in the forests of Vietnam, scientists say.

Forests and Flying Frogs: Surprise Sinkholes

The limestone terrain gets even more challenging during an expedition in search of rare, poorly-known and previously unknown species of amphibians in northern Vietnam.

Forests and Flying Frogs: The Adventure Begins

An expedition in search of rare, poorly-known and previously unknown species of amphibian starts off in some seriously difficult terrain in northern Vietnam.

Misty Mountains and Moss Frogs: The Road Home

The leeches, bruises and bites are rough, but the frogs make it all worthwhile! With the expedition in search of amphibians in northern Vietnam at an end, the team packs up and takes on the bumpy road once again.

Why Do Poisonous Caterpillars Jump?

To escape the Vietnamese heat, a caterpillar larvae leaps dozens of times a minute—without seeing where it’s going.

Misty Mountains and Moss Frogs: Moving Camp During a Torrential Downpour

Nursing bumps. bruises, cuts and scrapes, we haul our gear down the mountain on slick mud in the pouring rain so that we can search for frogs and other amphibians further afield in northern Vietnam.

Misty Mountains and Moss Frogs: Crawling Up, Sliding Down Mountains

From our base camp in the forest in northern Vietnam, we climb a nearby mountain in search of frogs and other amphibians.

Misty Mountains and Moss Frogs: Stunning Photos of Frog Eyes

We spend hours photographing frog eyes and thighs, and then don wet, moldy clothes and search for Torrent Frogs.

Misty Mountains and Moss Frogs: Finding Frogs in Nests

The team finds frogs hiding out in nests and discover that these amphibians make pretty good parents!

Misty Mountains and Moss Frogs: A Bumpy Start

An expedition in search of rare, poorly-known and previously unknown species of amphibian in northern Vietnam gets off to a bumpy start.