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Dangerous Dating: 4 Animals That Take Love to the Extreme

Flatworms that fence with their penises and male fish that literally latch onto their mates are among nature’s most odd and risky mating rituals.

Animal Valentines: 5 of Nature’s Best Flirters

From stone-throwing monkeys to castle-building fish, see the lengths that some species go to please their mates.

Wild Romance: Weird Animal Courtship and Mating Rituals

Valentine’s Day inspires silly displays in the name of romance, but heart-shaped candies and sappy cards are nothing compared to the show that nature routinely puts on. From balloon-blowing seals to penis-fencing flatworms, here’s a selection of some of the flashiest—and weirdest—ways that animals show off and compete to win mates.

Water for Chocolate – A Valentine’s Day Quiz

It’s dark, sweet, and a Valentine’s treat. Since today’s the big day we decided to tweet On a question about chocolate… So straighten up in your seat. Which river basins grow the cocoa beans to make those scrumptious little things? I’ll offer a tiny hint, so you don’t have to cheat: One of them contains…