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How a Mysterious Tick Ended Up in a Scientist’s Nose

Forgive Tony Goldberg for picking his nose—he’s discovered a mysterious species of tick that usually hides in primate nostrils in Africa.

Disease-Spreading Ticks on the Move as Climate Changes

One more reason to be nervous about climate change: Tick species are on the march. The blood-sucking, disease-spreading parasites are expanding into new territories as wildlife populations, forest habitats and weather patterns change across North America, biologists have found. “This year’s mild winter and early spring were a bonanza for tick populations in the eastern…

Tick invasion spreads across America: Can Lyme disease be far behind?

More than 20,000 North Americans are afflicted each year by Lyme disease, a bacterial infection that is carried by the blacklegged tick (also known as the deer tick). But although the ticks are spreading across the continent, Lyme disease is not a problem everywhere they are found. Scientists are hoping that if they can find out why,…