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Invasive Pythons Can Find Home 20 Miles Away, Study Says

For Burmese pythons, there’s no place like home—abd the snakes can navigate from over 20 miles away to get there, a new study says.

18-Foot-Long Monster Python Caught in Florida

The state’s second-largest Burmese python was caught in the Everglades.

How Snakes Fly UFO-Style

Scientists have discovered how reptiles can fly: They twist their bodies into an S shape that resembles an alien’s flying saucer from the side.

Flesh-Eaters: 5 Cannibalistic Animals

From sharks to prairie dogs to spiders: Here are a few creatures for whom “I’d like to have you over for dinner” is a terrifying invite.

5 Trickster Animals That Play Dead

Sharks, snakes, and fish are among several animal tricksters known to feign death to stay alive.

Geography in the News: Cobras

By Neal Lineback and Mandy Lineback Gritzner, Geography in the NewsTM MISSING COBRA! EEEEK! The escape of a highly venomous Egyptian cobra in March 2011 forced part of the Bronx Zoo’s reptile unit to close for more than a week. The 20-inch-long (52 cm) snake was found within the zoo’s Reptile House less than 100 feet…

How Did a Decapitated Snake Bite Itself?

A herpetologist weighs in on how a decapitated snake in a viral YouTube video can still move—and even bite—without its head.

Sperm Hoarders: Why Animals Store Semen

Some female animals—including fish, snakes, and octopi—store sperm in their reproductive tracts for years after mating. But why?

Longest Burmese Python Found in Florida

A Florida man found and killed a 18.8-foot Burmese python, which beats out the previous record-holding snake by a foot.

The Return of Grand Cayman’s Blue Iguana: From Near-Extinction to Endangered

In 2002, between 10-25 blue iguanas remained in the wild. Today, there are 750. By incubating eggs in his home office and gathering plants to feed the baby blues, Fred Burton and his team have brought back a species that was nearly extinct. While these 5-foot-long majestic creatures are still a rare sight, they are…

Spiders Take Control as Birds Fade From Guam

As bird populations plummet worldwide, will Earth become the Planet of the Spiders? Research on Guam, a 30-mile-long U.S. island in the Pacific, found that arachnid populations increased as much as 40-fold in the wake of insect-eating birds being eaten into oblivion by invasive brown treesnakes.

Rare Snakes Restored to Illinois Prairie Preserve

Eighteen smooth green snakes bred in captivity were released into the northern Illinois prairie a few dozen miles from Chicago today.

BioBlitz Poetic Inventory: Garter Snake

While volunteers and researchers record the science of the many species found at this year’s BioBlitz, writers across Colorado are putting down a record of their own as well.

Giant Python Meals That Went Bust

Pythons sometimes have eyes too big for their stomachs—read about some particularly epic snake meals that went bust.

Meet the Snake Kings of Saguaro National Park

During the recent BioBlitz in the Saguaro National park, Arizona, we met two members of the Tucson Herpetological Society: Robert Villa and Hanna Strauss. The Tucson Herp Society is dedicated to conservation, education and research concerning the amphibians and reptiles of Arizona and Mexico. Villa and Strauss were at the BioBlitz with two species of…