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Geography in the News: The Gulf of Mexico’s Dead Zone

By Neal Lineback and Mandy Lineback Gritzner, Geography in the NewsTM The Gulf’s Growing Dead Zone With rising demand over the past decade for the corn-based fuel additive ethanol, American farmers have grown more corn than at any time since World War II. Unfortunately, the nitrogen fertilizer being applied to cornfields is contributing to a…

Crocodiles and Corals: Face-to-Face With Cuba’s Coral Reef

Giant yellow eyes stared me down, my own green eyes widened by our proximity. We watched each other blink.

Rare Video: Vandal Fishing Cats Lead to Wildlife Discovery

Endangered Baby Fishing Cat Fishes in the Wild from Morgan Heim on Vimeo. When I set out to cover the story of Thailand’s fishing cats, I never expected vandalism could lead to an unprecedented wildlife discovery for this little known endangered species. Fishing cats are increasingly rare. New estimates suggest only about 2,500-3,000 remain in…

New Caledonia Expedition: A Treasure Trove of Stunning Sea Life

The team explorers the remote Huon Island and its lagoon, encountering a refuge for marine life filled with bizarre and vibrant creatures.

Healing Journey: Shrimp Sniffing Certificates

National Geographic Education Fellow Jon Waterhouse continues his chronicle of the Gulf oil spill’s aftermath from Grand Isle on the Louisiana coast. By Jon Waterhouse When last I wrote, my traveling companions and I were speaking with Karen Hopkins and Dean Blanchard, two residents of Grand Isle, Louisiana, whose lives and community have been dramatically…

Healing Journey: A Costly Coastal Legacy for the Gulf of Mexico

National Geographic Education Fellow Jon Waterhouse writes from Louisiana’s Gulf Coast that, for some residents who rely on marine life for a living, reports that we’re past the worst of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill’s consequences don’t ring true. By Jon Waterhouse All is not right with the world–not in Louisiana, at least. As the…

Shrimp in drinking water are microscopic and harmless

Invisible shrimp could very well be living in every drop of water you drink–but that’s OK, they’re nothing to worry about. By Jeremy A. Kaplan ( <strong><em>This post is part of a special <a href=””>news series</a> on global water issues.</em></strong> A photo posted to the online sharing site Reddit has the Internet abuzz. It shows…