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Your Weird Animal Questions Answered: Is a Sloth a Good Pet?

Why do dogs chase certain vehicles? Do otters or sloths make good pets? This week we answer your questions about critters closest to home—pets.

Dog Brains Link Pleasure With Owner’s Scent

An owner’s scent activates the parts of a dog’s brain associated with pleasure, a new brain-imaging study says.

Your Hamster May Have Surprising Origins

Hamsters weren’t always spinning on the wheel: There are 26 species of wild hamster, including the Syrian, which was first found near the city of Aleppo.

Do Animals Get Dementia? How to Help Your Aging Pet

Wild animals usually don’t live long enough to suffer cognitive decline, but domestic pets can be susceptible, experts say.

July 21, 2013: Swimming From Cuba to Florida, Developing Deep Sea Diving Suits, and More

This week, join us as we attempt to swim from Cuba to Florida and meet a surprisingly potent form of jellyfish, then we listen to glaciers as they melt and learn what they’re telling us, and we hear protest songs from an indigenous Australian country singer.

How Did a Tortoise Survive 30 Years in a Box?

A Brazilian family recently found their long-lost pet tortoise in a box after 30 years. Find out how the reptile made it through the ordeal.

Saving a Pet Might Just Save Your Life

Although some hardcore animal rights advocates object to the concept of owning any animal, it’s also true that studies have linked responsible pet ownership to lowered stress and increased happiness. With today’s pet industry a booming business worth more than $52 billion a year in the U.S. alone, there are plenty of pampered pooches and…

The health and emotional benefits of human-animal interaction

Does interaction between humans and animals provide significant health benefits? Many pet owners say that that their animals provide company, happiness, and other emotional fulfillment. NGS photo by Howell Walker “Being around dogs can have a calming effect,” pet writer Maryann Mott reported for National Geographic News a few years ago. “Studies have shown that…