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September 14, 2014: Wiring an African Wilderness, Starting a Garbage-Fueled Country and More

This week on National Geographic Weekend radio, join host Boyd Matson and his guests as they discover a well-dressed Italian mummy, proclaim a nation devoted to garbage, find the perfect island, find new ways to survive cancer, explore the Okavango Delta for science, relate to a solitary blue whale, celebrate the Wilderness Act, and create a canine soup.

Gregg’s Top 10 Okavango Photos

Over the course of the expedition through the Okavango, Gregg has taken huge amounts of photos. Out of such a countless hoard, he has assembled his top 10!

#Okavango14: Listen to the Sound of a Golden Okavango Morning

Listen to the sounds of a morning in the Okavango River Delta, courtesy of Steve Boyes and the Okavango Expedition!

The Wiley and Surprisingly Cute Hyena

Cute hyena photos—no longer an oxymoron! Jessica Vitale reveals a side of hyenas we seldom see.

Watch the Okavango Hangout Video!

The Okavango Google Hangout event is over, but you can still watch the recording and catch up on the highlights!

Hangout From the Okavango Delta in Africa

This summer, join us for a Google+ Hangout as we go deep into the wilderness and back in time with four National Geographic Emerging Explorers on a classic expedition into the Okavango river delta, the vast inland wetland that is the pulsing heart of Africa’s remaining wilderness.

June 29, 2014: Refueling Satellites in Space, Sequencing the Koala Genome and More

Every week, embark with host Boyd Matson on an exploration of the latest discoveries and interviews with some of the most fascinating people on the planet, on National Geographic Weekend. This week, we walk in space to refuel a satellite, cure koalas of chlamydia, play soccer the Brazilian way, end elephant poaching in Tanzania, run out of air at the bottom of the Arctic Ocean, pair scientists with adventurers, road trip through the American South, and “revisit the Golden Age of Exploration.”

Top 25 Photographs from the Wilderness #19

“Okavango”, “Serengeti”, “Masai Mara”, “Zambezi”, “Kruger” and “Kafue”. These are some of the wildest places left and have hidden within them “wilderness” that can take those who visit it back in time on a powerful journey that explores our place on this blue-and-green planet. In this amazing collection of photographs is a glimpse into the…

Warning From Past / Hope For The Future

UNESCO World Heritage Listing for the Okavango Delta would be a massive achievement for Botswana, as well as all the NGOs and individuals that have invested their time in this initiative over the last decade. Most importantly, declaration will highlight the importance of preserving the vast Angolan catchment in its current state, celebrating the Kavango…

Okavango Expedition 2013: The Greatest Day Ever

From Steve Boyes’ Expedition Diary (@drsteveboyes): The best day we have ever had on expedition… Thousands of birds in 1022 GPS-marked sightings over 9 hours of poling down narrow channels filled with crocodile, hippo and the abundance of life. We had to portage many times today to pass by large, immovable pods of hippo. We…

Okavango Expedition 2013: The Hippo Whisperers

From Steve Boyes’ (@drsteveboyes) expedition diary: After the massive release of leaving the dry floodplains from the last few days, it was very difficult to deal with the series of hippo encounters we had this morning. The research team was hoping to drift down the channel counting birds and recuperating from five days of physical…

Okavango Expedition 2013: The Greatest Moment of All

Frustrated after days pushing fully-loaded mokoros across dry floodplains always looking for flowing water and the path we know. Nothing, no water… We were recording two or three birds an hour and the searing heat is making the tablet cut out. “Frustrated” just doesn’t capture it. Begging for it to stop is maybe better. Doing…

Okavango Expedition 2013: Still Stuck and in Search of Water

I love this delta deeply, but have we been had today? Tired out and burnt by a place that will make your way impossible if no animals are welcome. This wilderness knows how to recuperate after thousands of animals and insects have feasted, dispersed, pollinated and fertilized. We have now demonstrated that most of the…

Okavango Expedition 2013: Into the Wild Okavango

Join us now on and be part of our live experiences during the Okavango Expedition 2013. Follow our progress live as our personal locator beacon locates us every hour. All wildlife sightings, quotes, beacon data and geo data is updated every day. We have not seen the representation of the data that we are…

Okavango Expedition 2013: On the Edge of Wilderness

Eleven wattled cranes, hundreds of spur-winged geese, saddle-billed stork everywhere, cormorants, egrets, a multitude of fish eagles, and a whiskered tern fishing in front of a blood red sun… On the edge of the wilderness again and all on the research team are transfixed by the scene, this wonderful Okavango Delta. In a way all…