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Getting to Know Africa: 50 Interesting Facts…

Africa is an enigma to most people… Unrest and violence in Somalia, Tunisia, the Democratic republic of Congo, Egypt and Zimbabwe get more worldwide press than our flagship protected areas and wondrous beauty. Here are some interesting facts about this grand, primordial continent… Please comment on whether you feel Africa has a future? Share this blog with your friends…

The Sad Ballad of Menes, the Egyptian #Spyduck

Menes wasn’t a spy, and neither was he a duck. Thanks to a combination of xenophobic paranoia and spotty Arabic-to-English translation, this one-year-old White Stork was unfairly painted as both and clapped into jail.

Days later he was exonerated, released, and eaten.

For World Water Day, Cooperation Brings More Benefit Per Drop

Rivers pay no mind to political boundaries. If unimpeded by dams and diversions, they flow naturally from mountain headwaters to the sea, crossing borders both within and between countries as if political maps did not exist. If the world is to meet growing food, energy, and consumer demands over the coming years while sustaining the…