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5 Sky Events of the Week: Stellar Peak-a-Boo and Leo Paws at the Moon

With a change of seasons only days away, mid-March skies offer celestial sights that even the novice stargazer will find easy to enjoy. Lunar rectangle. After nightfall on Monday, March 10, look for the waxing gibbous moon to form a corner of a rectangle with Jupiter and the Gemini twins, Castor and Pollux, high in the southern…

4 Sky Events This Week: Venus at Dawn and Gemini’s Double Jewel Box

A crescent moon snuggles up to the innermost planets this week, while sky-watchers will also see mythical twins reveal two stellar wonders. Zodiacal lights. With the moon out of the early evening sky this week, ideal sky conditions prevail for hunting down the elusive zodiacal lights. This ethereal glow across the sky is caused by sunlight…

Rare Chance to See the Planet Mercury on Friday Night

This weekend will be the best chance sky-watchers have all year to see the planet Mercury with the naked eye.

5 Sky Events This Week: Mercurial Evenings, Cosmic Triangle and Lord of the Rings

The most elusive planet, little Mercury, pays a visit to the early evening skies this week, while the moon guides sky-gazers toward the true Lord of the Rings and other stellar delights. Mercury rising. Just after sunset on Tuesday, January 21, and for the rest of the month, the closest planet to the sun, Mercury, will…

7 Sky Events This Week: Double Comet Flybys and Lunar Encounters

Be dazzled by a superbright comet and watch three worlds align in this week’s sky events not to miss.

5 Sky Events This Week: Red Planet, Bull’s Eye, and Jovian Giant

Heading into the final days of September and first week of autumn sky-watchers will find the moon dancing with celestial luminaries like planets and stars. Mercury and Spica. Within a half hour after sunset on Tuesday, September 24, look toward the very low southwest horizon for planet Mercury making a remarkably close encounter with Virgo…

Humbling Views of Earth from Distant Spacecraft

The solar system just got a bit smaller thanks to two awe-inspiring portraits of Earth and the moon taken from nearly the opposite sides of the solar system. On Friday July 19th, Earth got a great two for one deal. Both NASA’s Cassini spacecraft at Saturn, nearly 900 million miles (1.5 billion kilometers) away, and…

5 Sky Events This Week: Lord of the Rings Meets Luna, Solstice Supermoon

Gaze skyward this week and watch our solar system’s two innermost planets have a strikingly close encounter, while changing seasons brings the year’s largest moon in the sky. Moon and Spica. On Tuesday, June 18, look towards the southern sky to see the gibbous waxing moon glide extremely close to the distant star Spica (263…

5 Sky Events This Week: Mercury Rising, Moon Meets the Lion’s Heart

This week skywatchers get a chance to watch the moon strike a pose with bright stars while the most elusive of naked-eye planets puts on its best sky show of the year. Moon poses with Venus. About 30 minutes after sunset on Monday, June 10, skywatchers around the world can look towards the very low…

5 Sky Events This Week: Glimpsing a Green Giant, Big Dipper Rides High

Here’s what’s on tap this week for you skywatchers: Uranus meets the moon, Titan puts in an appearance, and Venus anoints a new moon.

5 Sky Events This Week: Row of Planets, Summer Triangle

  Evening planets continue to dazzle all week long, the largest asteroid in the solar system pays a brief visit, and an annual celestial landmark rises, signaling that summer is not too far off. Mercury Meets Jupiter. Look towards the very low northwest horizon on Monday, May 27, about 30 minutes after sunset to catch…

6 Sky Events This Week: Cosmic Scorpion, Planetary Triangle

Sky-watchers this week get a chance to go eye to eye with a cosmic scorpion and witness a magnificent meeting of three neighboring worlds in the evening skies.

5 Sky Events This Week: Three-Planet Huddle, Lunar Wall

The lunar wall comes into view, three planets huddle, and the moon joins the Leo constellation in this week’s best sky events.

Ice, Ice Mercury

It’s rare that astronomers declare news with great certainty, so the announcement that water ice was confirmed in Mercury’s poles is an “exclamation point.” The amount of ice is also astounding—100 billion to a trillion metric tons, or something like layering Washington, D.C. with 2 to 2.5 miles of ice.

Fish on Fridays: Omega 3s vs. Mercury—Is Seafood Good for You?

The following piece was originally published by the Center for American Progress. It seems there’s a never-ending see-saw battle in scientific research about certain consumables. Red wine will decrease incidence of cardiovascular disease! No it won’t. Dark chocolate will lower your body mass index! Or not. Seafood is no different. For every report that Omega…