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Spadefoot Toad and Other Weird State Symbols

Louisiana’s official crustacean? Crayfish. New Mexico’s honored amphibian? The spadefoot toad. See what other states have quirky symbols to show their pride.

The Turtle and the Town: Freshwater Species of the Week

  The northern map turtle (Graptemys geographica) is a relatively large aquatic turtle that is native to North America. It is named for the lines on its shell, which resemble the contour lines on a map. Map turtles show extreme sexual size dimorphism, which means the genders grow to different sizes. Northern male map turtles…

Restoring the Anacostia, “America’s Forgotten River,” One Plant at a Time

  “The Anacostia River had been ignored and forgotten for a long time, but it has gotten better in the past few years,” Jorge Bogantes Montero told us as we sunk shin-deep into chocolate mousse-colored muck along the river. Sweat pooled in the bottom of our waders as we worked under a blistering sun and…