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Hangout to Cause an UpROAR for Big Cats

A week dedicated to nature’s fiercest felines, we’re celebrating these magnificent creatures by rounding up a team of big cat experts and photographers for our next Google+ Hangout on Tuesday, December 3rd at 12:30 p.m. EST (5:30 p.m. UTC).

April 14, 2013: Digging in a Graveyard on Halloween, Helping Kids by Hiking and More

This week, we meet a retiree who decided to climb the Seven Summits on a whim, learn about the humanism of primates, explore the potential for drones, previously used exclusively in combat, to help conservation, and we discover where food goes after you eat it.

It’s Pronounced “FOO-sa”

My friends managing the My Wonderful World blog posted an interview today with ecologist, National Geographic Emerging Explorer, and all-around great guy Luke Dollar. He describes his decision to pursue a career in conservation science after finding a forest he wandered in as a child abruptly clear-cut, his work with Madagascar’s fossa (the island’s largest…