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Apprehending Ivory Traffickers: A Conservation Fairy Tale?

By Karl Ammann with Erick Kaglan In December 2012, Malaysia announced the discovery and confiscation of the largest illegal ivory shipment ever—six tons of raw tusks hidden among teak planks in a shipping container from Togo (alternative news reports talked of 24 tons). In July of this year, another two ton shipment of tusks of…

Illegal Trade: The Rhino and the Bling

So your latest model Ferrari is parked in a prominent spot outside the top five-star hotel in the capital. You are meeting friends for a drink and since it is pleasantly warm you wear a short sleeve shirt so there is no way they can miss the golden Rolex on your left wrist—they will know…

Of Tiger and Lion Bones and the Legalizing of the Rhino Horn Trade

An undercover investigation shows that the tiger bone/cake trade is steadily growing. Could rhinos be next?

Why are We Eating Bonobos? Can We Save Africa’s Vast Wildernesses from Destruction?

Bonobo orphans are pouring into primate sanctuaries across central Africa and thousands of adults are being killed, smoked and bundled with monkeys, pangolins, small antelope and bush pigs for sale in distant bushmeat markets. We are about to reach a tipping point in Africa beyond which it is going to be very hard to save…

Martha’s Legacy: The Past, Present, and Future of Species, Ecosystems, and Human Livelihoods

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development. Many of us saw this as a turning point, a time when the world adopted a new paradigm for development. We have come to realize that economic growth and social justice cannot be achieved at the expense of the environment.