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Avocado Pollinators and the Need for Weeds

Dino Martins brings us an up-close view of the world of insects everywhere. Meet the wild pollinators that make the popular avocado fruit possible.

Defining Paradise

People have different definitions of paradise, but they always know it when they find it. Aaron Teasdale and his family learn about surfing and conservation in Popoyo, Nicaragua.

Team “Uniting Nations” Wins 2,400-Mile Great Pacific Race

Winners of the inaugural Great Pacific Race, team Uniting Nations just arrived in Honolulu, Hawaii, having contributed to marine research as they rowed more than 2,400 miles across the Pacific.

A Childhood Dream: Why We Go on Sea Monster Expeditions

In 2012, the Spitsbergen Jurassic Research Group led by National Geographic Explorer Dr. Jørn Hurum finished off their final field season on Svalbard. Now, the team is planning yet another project, and are getting ready for another season in the Arctic slopes of Svalbard. However, there are still specimens remaining from the last field season, and they are more spectacular than ever.

Adventure Science: Sharks, Ocean Dumpster Diving, and the Survival of Mankind

Emily Stifler Wolfe of Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation is working with Gregg Treinish and many others to bring us stories from around the world. Here, she interviews sailors and ocean researchers Matt Rutherford and Nicole Trenholm.

Adventure Science: There Could Be Bison Outside My Tent

Experience elk, deer, bison, badgers, rattlesnakes and mind-blowing sunsets: This is life as a volunteer for the Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation Landmark program on American Prairie Reserve. Apply now for a fall crew!

Adventure Science: Trawling for Plastic Pollution Aboard the Orion of Aberdeen

Gregg Treinish and his team at Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation bring us stories from around the world about adventuring with purpose. Here, Edwin Butter and Marjo Boertien write about studying marine plastic pollution off the coast of Africa with The Orion of Aberdeen crew and ASC.

Back on the Far Side of the World…

Cara Brooke is a Disease Ecologist from the Andrew Dobson Lab at Princeton, studying diseases that can leap from bats to humans. She has just returned to Madagascar a second time and is preparing for another year of fieldwork.

The Fossil-Hunting Expedition Begins

Emily Hughes searches for fossils in the romantic expanse of the Australian Outback. This is the first of her posts—the trip to the Outback for fossil hunting begins!

Adventure Science: Great Pacific Race

Gregg Treinish and his team at Adventure Science bring us stories from around the world about adventuring with purpose. ASC’s Jordan Holisinger relays how ocean rowers in the Great Pacific Race collect water samples for the biggest, baddest microplastics survey ever.

Adventure Science: Spring on the Northern Great Plains

Emily Stifler Wolfe is the newest Adventure Science team member. Follow her as she travels through Montana with volunteers who are collecting wildlife data on the American Prairie Reserve.

The Story of a Flower Bunch

Victoria Hillman is a National Geographic Explorer and Research Director for the Transylvanian Wildlife Project overseeing research on carnivores and biodiversity of Europe’s last great wilderness. Here, she presents a poem by her Romanian associate, Gál László, who writes about the beauty of the forests.

National Geographic Back Issues and Taking Ayta Children to the “Outside World”

National Geographic Young Explorer Hannah Reyes is studying and visually documenting the transitions to modernity of indigenous culture in Northern Philippines. Here she finds how Nat Geo back issues take Ayta children to the “outside world”.

Live Update From Aboard Hōkūleʻa—Week One

Watch as young crew members, Jenna and Austin, talk about their experiences with navigation, squalls, seasickness, and canoe life in general.

A Few Rainforest Insects to Celebrate World Environment Day

Dino Martins travels around the world to study insect behavior. In honor of World Environment Day, take a closer look at a few amazing insects to remind us of the incredible and wonderful creatures that we share this planet with.