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National Geographic Names 2014 Class of Emerging Explorers

From amazing scientists and innovators to artists and storytellers, National Geographic names a new class of Emerging Explorers annually. The program highlights young changemakers who are making discoveries, making a difference, and inspiring people to care for the planet.

June 16, 2013: Underwater Cave Diving, Seeking a Man-Eating Catfish, and More

As National Geographic’s annual Explorer’s Symposium came to an end, NG Weekend revisits some of our favorite adventures from the previous classes of Emerging Explorers. In the coming weeks and months, we will introduce the 2013 class of Emerging Explorers on the show. Here are some of our favorites from over the years…

Anatomy of the Discovery of the Deadly Bas-Congo Virus

Virus hunters published a paper today in the science journal PLOS Pathogens, describing how a team spanning a number of institutions identified a deadly virus unknown to exist until it killed three people within a few days in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. They used sophisticated technologies and techniques to detect the new virus, which could cause fatal hemorrhagic fever outbreaks similar to Ebola. Research like this can isolate viruses before they can cause epidemics.

Getting Youth Into the Outdoors

National Geographic Emerging Explorer Juan Martinez is at the Rocky Mountain National Park BioBlitz to help excite children and the public about the natural world. Martinez is a national spokesman for the importance of getting youth into the outdoors, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds. In this video he talks to National Geographic’s Barbara Moffet about…

What’s a Mola? Behind the Strange Fish Picture Surging on Facebook

The remarkable ability of Internet users to make a post go viral has produced a new treat: an enchanting picture of a Mola mola, or ocean sunfish, undulating just below the surface of the ocean. The image, snapped by photographer Daniel Botelho in 2010, is now making waves around Facebook.

The World’s Weirdest Penis

It is without doubt one of the strangest things I have ever seen in my life, says zoologist Lucy Cooke. She’s describing her first sighting of the bizarre four-headed penis of the echidna, a spiny, termite-eating, egg-laying mammal found in Australia.

2012 Explorers Symposium Sneak Peek

For one week every year, instead of sending explorers out into the world we gather them back to National Geographic Headquarters to report back and cultivate new ideas. Follow along and add your voice to the conversation!

Watch NG Explorer Albert Lin Announce Google Science Fair Finalists

This Wednesday, after months of innovative research and intense anticipation, the 15 global finalist projects for the 2012 Google Science Fair will be announced, and NG Emerging Explorer Albert Lin will be doing the honors. You can watch it happen live during a Google+ Hangout at 9:00am EDT (2:00pm UT). Just follow the Google Science…

NG Explorer Digs Into a 4-Year-Old Latrine

“Today we had one of the highlights of our professional careers” -Read how Emerging Explorer Sasha Kramer “explored” a new and unlikely territory: the inside of a 4-year-old latrine.

“After the Gas Rush” Part 2

In the second installment of “After the Gas Rush”, a civil engineer takes Roshini to an industry recycling plant, giving viewers get a rare behind-the-scenes look at the processing of fracking “flowback water.”

“After the Gas Rush” Part 1

In the latest installment in the “Journey On Earth” film series, NG Emerging Explorer Roshini Thinakaran takes viewers into a heated public meeting, where they get to meet a working mom turned anti-fracking activist.

Google Science Fair Opens Today!

The annual Google Science Fair opens today, calling anyone and everyone 13 to 18 years old to push the edges of our knowledge and help pave the way to the future, and National Geographic Explorers Albert Lin, Sylvia Earle, and T.H. Culhane are among the judges.

Nat Geo Talk: Putting Waste to Work in Haiti

Related National Geographic News story: Human Waste to Revive Haitian Farmland?

José Urteaga: Turtle Defender

NG Emerging Explorer José Urteaga reports back on his mission to protect endangered sea turtles along Nicaragua’s Pacific coast.

Drumbeats Echo Along the Yukon as The Healing Journey Arrives in Ruby, Alaska

Children, adults, and Elders of more than 70 tribes and First Nations along the Yukon River have gathered to celebrate their culture, educate the new generation, and tackle difficult issues around nuclear power, dwindling salmon, and water rights. NG Fellow Jon Waterhouse reports as part of his 2011 Healing Journey.