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Greening Efforts in North Korea: Peace Dividends Remain Elusive but Efforts must Endure

The latest geopolitical wrangle on the Korean peninsula hit me with particular disappointment as I ambled fruitlessly outside the sprawling North Korean embassy in the choicest diplomatic enclave in Beijing.  For two days I had waited to get my visa stamped for a visit to Pyongyang and a series of sites in the country where…

June 8, 2014: Diving From 90 Feet Above Havana Bay, Free the Dancing Bears and More

This week on National Geographic Weekend, join host Boyd Matson and his guests as they run for peace through the Middle East, honor hero war dogs, play matchmaker for dolphins, safely cycle through crowded city streets, pick the perfect outdoor gear, dive from 90 foot cliffs competitively, recover a 500 year old sunken ship, farm the planet’s oceans, and save a species and a community at the same time.

Crocodiles and Corals: Face-to-Face With Cuba’s Coral Reef

Giant yellow eyes stared me down, my own green eyes widened by our proximity. We watched each other blink.

Geography in the News: Bananas, the Top Fruit

By Neal Lineback and Mandy Lineback Gritzner, Geography in the NewsTM The Banana Story An interesting book published in 2012 detailed the life of  Samuel “Sam the Banana Man” Zemurray. Therein lies an interesting economic geography of international intrigue and business success with lessons to be learned today about international trade by large corporations. Zemurray,…

July 21, 2013: Swimming From Cuba to Florida, Developing Deep Sea Diving Suits, and More

This week, join us as we attempt to swim from Cuba to Florida and meet a surprisingly potent form of jellyfish, then we listen to glaciers as they melt and learn what they’re telling us, and we hear protest songs from an indigenous Australian country singer.

Waves over Havana

Dreams of the World: Mario Delgado (Havana)

 This post is the latest in the series Dreams of the World, which profiles interesting people we meet during our travels. My dream is… to travel to New York City to meet all the great American rappers. To be able to sing a song together with all of them, promoting peace around the world. Mario Delgado…

The Art of Street Portraiture

    While traveling in Cuba with National Geographic Expeditions I had the fortunate opportunity to interview a real life ¨fotógrafo minutero¨ that expanded my knowledge on a craft that is used less frequently now a days, but still in Cuba, Argentina and other locations around the world. The beauty of these fotógrafos minuteros or street portrait photographers, is…

Memories intertwined: Revisiting David Alan Harvey´s Trinidad (Cuba)

For those of you who have been readers of National Geographic for years now, you may remember a beautiful and visually captivating article on Trinidad, Cuba, with images by David Alan Harvey, published 14 years ago. In one of the photographs, Rosa Orbea was combing the hair of her niece, Annalien Santander Orbea. Annalien was…

“Cuba’s New Now” and the Oceans: Part II

November’s “National Geographic” cover story is about life in Cuba — but it’s also about the ocean. Explorer Clare Fieseler shares photos from the Cuban coast that help illuminate the human-ocean challenges embedded in the new article.

Does Exit Visa Waiver Change Anything for Cubans?

In January the Cuban government will lift its unpopular requirement that citizens must get exit visas before being allowed to leave the country.

National Geographic editor Barbara Paulsen interviewed contributing writer Cynthia Gorney about the proposed change. Gorney recently spent three months in Cuba reporting for the magazine on how the new rules opening up the country’s economy are playing out in everyday life. Her article, “Cuba’s New Now,” is the cover story of the November issue.

“Cuba’s New Now” and the Ocean: Part I

November’s “National Geographic” cover story is about life in Cuba — but it’s also about the ocean. Explorer Clare Fieseler shares photos from the Cuban coast that help illuminate the human-ocean challenges embedded in the new article.

Greening Diplomacy with Cuba

I had an opportunity to visit Cuba in May 2012 under a licensed program with the Vermont Caribbean Institute. This article is a follow-up effort to learn and engage with other environmental researchers yearning for more cooperation between the United States and Cuba. I have not dealt with the political aspects of the conflict between…

Your Questions for an NG Travel Writer and Photographer

Join our live conversation with writer and photographer Christopher Baker- winner of the Lowell Thomas Award 2008 ‘Travel Journalist of the Year’- for this week’s Facebook Live. Tune in Friday, April 13th on National Geographic’s Facebook page to discover the ins and outs of an exciting career in travel journalism.


In light of today’s Washington Post article , I wanted to share some thoughts on our new Cuba map . My career as a cartographer, and now as The Geographer, at the National Geographic Society, spans more than 30 years. In that time I have worked, in one manner or another, on most if not all…