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December 15, 2013: Paddling Through The World’s Biggest Rapids, Swimming in the World’s Coldest Oceans and More

This week, on National Geographic Weekend, host Boyd Matson joins guests as they paddle the world’s biggest rapids, dive in the world’s coldest oceans (at both poles), and walk “Out of Eden,” chasing our early human ancestors to the ends of the Earth.

November 24, 2013: Hanging From Antarctic Cliffs, Living With Wolves and More

This week, we live for days hanging from an Antarctic cliff in high winds, then we join a Mexican circus, live with wolves for six years, and crush six tons of ivory.

Climbing and Cycling Through the Colorado Rockies for Conservation

National Geographic Emerging Explorer Gregg Treinish founded Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation, a nonprofit organization connecting outdoor adventurers with scientists in need of data from the field. He also organizes his own expeditions, contributing to research on wildlife-human interaction, fragmented habitats, and threatened species. —- Every day at Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation we are making…

July 7, 2013: Falling 1,000 Feet off The Andes, Saving The Great Barrier Reef, and More

Join National Geographic Weekend radio this week, as we survive a 1,000 foot fall from the Bolivian Andes, then we explore Mars with NASA’S Curiosity Rover, and finally, we team up with Afghanistan’s national cycling team to provide opportunity (and bikes) for women.

December 23, 2012: Whispering Dogs’ Secrets, Saving Cheetahs with Donkeys, and More

This week on National Geographic Weekend, join host Boyd Matson as we whisper dogs’ secrets to their owners, trade guns for climbing gear in Rio, paint endangered animals onto a barn, teach donkeys to protect cows from cheetahs in Namibia, save the world from a Mayan apocalypse, tunnel deep under Gaza to deliver groceries, sacrifice our fingertips to bee stings in Turkey, and take in hot air from shale rock across the United States.

September 16, 2012: Earth’s Earliest Mummies in Peru, Glacial Lakes on Mountaintops, and More

This week on “National Geographic Weekend,” join host Boyd Matson as we dodge cannibals in Indonesia, dodge polar bears while digging up dinosaur bones, educate the country’s future leaders, laugh along with hyenas in South Africa, climb mountains to save people living under glacial lakes, fight over the Ganges’ erosion in India, explore Peru’s national forests for new species, and photograph all of the units of America’s National Park System.

August 12, 2012: Climbing an Electric Rock Face, Fishing in Alaskan Waterways, and More

This week on “National Geographic Weekend,” join host Boyd Matson as we wait out a storm near Mt. Kenya’s summit, add another branch to the human family tree, use the fastest camera on earth to record lightning, risk our lives for the sake of discovering butterflies, out fish Alaska’s grizzlies for salmon, give the gift of electric light using a disposable camera flash and discarded AAA batteries, ride a horse from Calgary to Sao Paulo, and find America’s wackiest roadside stops.

2012 Explorer of the Year and Hubbard Medal Winners

Two of NG’s biggest awards were presented last night to one explorer who reached the bottom of the ocean, and another who stood at the top of the world.

Your Questions for a Mountain Climber & Survivor

Jim Davidson has faced terrible tragedy while mountain climbing, but pulled through, and uses the experience to help others overcome adversity. Now you can ask him your questions directly in a live conversation on the National Geographic Facebook page Wednesday, February 29 at 2:30pm ET (7:30pm UTC). Watch a video about his experiences and add your questions to the comments on this post.

Freedom Climbers: Poland’s Legendary Mountain Explorers

Polish kayaker Piotr Chmielinski, most famous for his first descents of the Amazon and the Colca rivers (both stories covered in National Geographic Magazine) interviews Bernadette McDonald, author of Freedom Climbers, her latest book about Polish Himalayan climbers. McDonald’s book won her the Grand Prize at the Banff Mountain Book Festival and the Boardman Tasker Award in the United Kingdom.

The Wildest Dream Debuts at Banff

The 1924 Everest expedition. Back row, left to right: Andrew Irvine, George Mallory, Edward Norton, Noel Odell, and John Macdonald. Front row: Edward Shebbeare, Geoffrey Bruce, Howard Somervell, and Bentley Beetham. In 1999, Conrad Anker discovered the frozen body of George Mallory on Mount Everest. For years afterward, he wondered about Mallory’s quest for the…

Banff Film Festival Brings It On

Photograph by Amy Bucci After about nine hours in the air and two more in a van—during which I was the only one who opted for the optional blanket—I have arrived in what I think is the most beautiful place on Earth: Banff, Canada. This town in the Canadian Rockies hosts the adrenaline-pumping, awe-inspiring, I-need-to-learn-to-snowboard-before-I-am-40…