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Some Ancient Sloths Ventured Into the Ocean, Study Says

A new study finds that dense bones enabled aquatic sloths to sink to shallow seagrass beds in order to graze.

Star-Studded Timelapse Video From Chile’s High-Desert

When stargazers dream of the ultimate destination for looking up at the heavens, the high-altitude Atacama Desert in northern Chile likely stands at the top of the list. Nature videographer Nicholas Buer recently shot this stunning film, taken over 12 days while he camped out in the San Pedro de Atacama region of northern Chile. Sitting at an altitude…

Chile and Pakistan: A Missed Opportunity for Mineral Relations at Reko Diq

Looking at a planetary map, one would find very little in common between South America’s most developed country, Chile, and South Asia’s beleaguered nuclear power, Pakistan. Apart from the physical distance, there is little commonality in linguistic, religious or ethno-cultural background. Yet minerals and economic expedience have brought these two countries closer to possible cooperation.…

Why Has the Darwin’s Frog Likely Gone Extinct?

Deep in the forests of Chile, a frog has gone silent, possibly forever—and an epidemic fungus may be the culprit.

Two Young Explorers Create First Map of the Future Patagonia National Park

For Young Explorers Marty Schnure and Ross Donihue, the past nine months have been a journey of energy, frustration, sweat, cold, wind, laughs, scree, sore feet, an icy tent, warm sleeping bags, a lot of lamb stew, hard work, failure, perseverance, and success.

September 22, 2013: Paddling the Americas, Blind Date Adventures, and More

This week on National Geographic Weekend, as we pursue adrenaline and white water throughout the Americas, blind date for 200 miles down Alaska’s Lost Coast, and learn to thrive despite past failures.

June 23, 2013: Brokering Peace for Elephants, Surfing Down the Baja Coast, and More

This weekend, we learn about how National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Mike Fay made peace between rebel leaders and forest elephants in Central African Republic, we carry water on our back for a 1,000-mile trek down Mexico’s Baja California Coast, and we ride Europe’s rails in comfort.

Desventuradas Expedition: The Importance of Being Here

Vice President of Oceana, South America Alex Muñoz Wilson weighs in on the incredible work being done at Desventuradas and the effect it will likely have on the future of conservation in Chile.

Desventuradas Expedition: Where Giant Lobsters Roam

The team discovers a robust population of lobsters weighing over 15 pounds!

Desventuradas Expedition: The Sea Urchin and the Plastic Razor

Even in some of the most remote waters on Earth, human trash can be a surprisingly effective camouflage.

Desventuradas Expedition: The Cutest Predator

The top predator at the Desventuradas Islands is not the typical reef shark, or a grouper with a huge mouth able to swallow a diver. It’s something much cuter.

Desventuradas Expedition: New Species and the Best Dive Yet

Three lucky team members take the sub and become the first humans to view this seamount exclaiming, “This is the exact definition of exploration!”

Desventuradas Expedition: Fish Bigger Than We Are

National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Enric Sala is setting off on his first big expedition of the year: to explore the remote islands of Desventuradas, hundreds of miles off the coast of Chile. Jen Casselle is a veteran member of Enric’s Pristine Seas project, and is a Research Biologist at the Marine Science Institute, University of California…

Desventuradas Expedition: The Thrill of the Dive

National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Enric Sala is setting off on his first big expedition of the year: to explore and record the underwater life around the remote Desventuradas Islands, hundreds of miles off the coast of Chile. This post is by expedition member Alex Muñoz, Executive Director of Oceana.   By Alex Muñoz Translated from Spanish.…

Valentine’s Day at the Unfortunate Islands

The strange and beautiful mola mola surprises the team, and sea lions come a-courting on the most romantic day of the year.