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Ruff. Roar. Snoop Dogg Rebrands

Rap legend Snoop Dogg has shifted his attention to reggae music and changed his name to Snoop Lion. Lions themselves face bigger issues than rebranding alone could solve.

Amboseli’s People & Wildlife: Innocent Bystanders Falling Prey to Local Conflicts

In recent weeks, human-wildlife conflict in Kenya has grown more severe.  This week, Maasai warriors rampaged across the Amboseli ecosystem, following an unsuccessful interaction between tribal leaders and the Kenya Wildlife Service.    Not far behind the recent killings near Nairobi National Park and elsewhere in the Amboseli ecosystem, Kenya is again plagued by back-to-back…

THE KITENGELA SIX: Outrage over lion killings in Nairobi – Reader Caution: Graphic Photos *Updated with video

Nairobi National Park is likely one of the most visited protected areas in all of Africa, home to wildlife including lions and other big cats that are possibly viewed by more people than any others in Africa.  Yesterday morning, six lions were killed just outside the protected area.  Big Cats Initiative Grantee Dr. Paula Kahumbu is dedicated to protecting…

Secretive lives of leopards revealed through scientific monitoring in Namibia

Big Cats Initiative grantee Florian Weise reports on GPS tracking and camera trap photos of a beautiful four-year-old leopard in the mountains of south-west Namibia.

“WILD SUPREME” Photo Exhibit Opens in NYC

A new exhibit of photographs by NG Explorer-in-Residence Beverly Joubert brings the majesty of the wild into the heart of Manhattan, and draws attention to the plight of big cats in the wild.

Cheetahs Carry Crittercam for the First Time

Rather than the open plains of the Serengeti, the habitat for this study has fairly dense vegetation, making direct observation of cheetah behavior nearly impossible. That’s where Crittercam comes in.

Saving the Cheetah with Innovative Technology

In Namibia, I visited a foundation with their ear to the ground on the latest technological developments in conservation.  From cyber-stalking their GPS collared cheetah via Google Earth and Sirtrack to scanning footprints (spoor) into an analytical database, N/a’an ku sê Foundation is combining new tech with on-the-ground analogue (so to speak) work in the…

Maasai Women Speak Out for Living Walls

The Big Cats Initiative Grants Program seeks to identify and support projects that engage in immediate actions leading to reductions in big cat mortality. Dr. Laly Lichtenfeld, Executive Director of the African People and Wildlife Fund, has been the recipient of multiple BCI grants and provides a prime example of how the BCI and its…

Leopard given GPS collar after capture on Namibian cattle ranch

The Big Cats Initiative Grants Program seeks to identify and support projects that engage in immediate actions leading to reductions in big cat mortality.  BCI Grantee Florian Weise provides this dispatch from the field: Leopard given GPS collar after capture on Namibian cattle ranch A large portion of central Namibia’s landscape is used for cattle…

Community-Based Conservation Saves Big Cats in Iconic African Park

Text and photos by Kate and Marcus Westberg The Masai Mara is a place of great beauty and drama where people and wildlife live side by side. While having a savannah full of wildlife on your doorstep seems amazing to us, living with lions is never easy. With the generous support of the National Geographic…

Panthera and NG Team Up to Save Big Cats

National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative has teamed up with Panthera, the world’s leading organization devoted exclusively to the conservation of the world’s 37 wild cat species. Together, we aim to further the global fight to save big cats in the wild.

Interview with Elvis Kisimir, Maasai Warrior for Wildlife

Elvis Kisimir is the African People & Wildlife Fund’s Human Wildlife Conflict Officer. He is a young Maasai man, well known and respected in the Maasai Steppe where the National Geographic Big Cats Initiative and Dr. Laly Lichtenfeld of the African People & Wildlife Fund have teamed up to save lions.

African Wildlife Conquers London

Epic vistas, heart-pounding action, and intimate details are all on display in a new exhibit of photos by Explorer-in-Residence Beverly Joubert, collected over a ten-year period studying lions, leopards, and other wildlife in the Okavango Delta, Duba Plains, Mombo, and the Selinda Reserve.

Is the Serengeti Highway Really Cancelled?

While a new government statement announces the stretch across the Park will not be paved, conservationists’ concerns remain–focused on the traffic, not the tarmac.

Kenyan Chainsaw Gang Thwarted

National Geographic Big Cats Initiative grantee Anne Kent Taylor continues her updates from the field in Kenya this weekend. Her adventures this week include a giraffe rescue and an encounter with a chainsaw gang. Taylor has been using funding from the Big Cats Initiative to provide wire fencing to Kenya’s Maasai herders, on the basis…