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Is Every Civilization Destined to Collapse?

What does it mean for a civilization to collapse? Are we destined to follow suit? Archaeologists working around the world conclude a week-long conference with their perspectives.

Why Did Ancient Civilizations Build Such Huge Monuments?

Why did ancient civilizations begin with the building of such huge monuments? Archaeologists working around the world share their reflections.

What Is “Civilization”?

After days of presentations on five of the world’s great ancient civilizations, archaeologists from sites all around the world debate and discuss the meaning of civilization and what we can learn today from the lessons of the past.

Dig Deeper: Origins of the Maya

The ancient Maya are well known for their overgrown temple ruins and striking carved and painted art. Speakers at the Dialogue of Civilizations unveil the origins of this captivating culture.

Uncovering the Origins of Ancient Egypt

Experts reveal recent discoveries and insights that help answer one of the great questions in archaeology: “Where did ancient Egyptian civilization come from?”

Revealing India and Pakistan’s Ancient Art and Inventions

China, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Maya–these are ancient civilizations people tend to know something about. The Harappan civilization of the Indus Valley, on the other hand, is maybe less well known, but just as fascinating and inspiring for us today.

Lessons in Sustainability and Solidarity From Ancient Mesopotamia

World leaders in archaeology discuss the ancient development of Mesopotamian society and the very practical lessons and inspiration it holds for us today.

Dialogue of Civilizations Opens: Maya Leaders, Bird With Pig’s-Head Wings, Ancient China, More

Three days of discussion among archaeologists studying five ancient cultures around the world kicks off with best wishes from a modern Maya leader and revelations about a strange artifact from ancient China.

Lessons for Today From 5 Ancient Civilizations

This April, National Geographic explorers and other experts in five of the world’s oldest civilizations will gather in Guatemala to discuss how the past can be a window to the future.