National Geographic

Exploring Asia’s Longest Lava Tube

Jeju Island, South Korea, is often called a “volcanic museum.” Check out the author’s visit to Manjanggul Cave, the longest lava tube in Asia.

An Ode to the Odd and Obscure

Ever heard of the Macaya breast-spot frog? Didn’t think so. It’s one of many obscure organisms that made the hundred most threatened species list, which was announced today at the World Conservation Congress.

“Mermaid” House, Crater Among Jeju Gems

Come along as I hike the remnants of a recent volcanic explosion, learn about Jeju’s women divers at a folk museum, and look for giant eels at a waterfall.

An “Ecotour” of the Conservation Congress

Not only is the World Conservation Congress tackling environmental issues, it’s striving to be environmental itself.

Fungi Need Some Love, Too

As neither animal nor plant, the fungus is often the odd organism out—but a new initiative hopes to bring attention to fungi under threat.

Google Mapping Tool Exposes Illegal Logging

Conservationists working to save forests and species on the ground are looking to the sky, thanks to mapping tools and satellites that capture Earth like never before. With video.

Exploring the Grounds of “Nature’s Olympics”

The IUCN World Conservation Congress offers a taste of Korean culture while on the job.

Caribbean Coral Reefs Mostly Dead, IUCN Says

The Caribbean’s coral reefs have collapsed, mostly due to overfishing and climate change, according to a new report released by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).