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Top 25 Wild Bird Photographs of the Week #64

Kingfishers, fish-eagles, orioles, flycatchers, lovebirds, wagtails, bush-shrikes, broadbills, bee-eaters, and laughing-thrushes… A fantastic collection of wild bird photographs that sets the standard for 2014! All these photographers need to be commended for their commitment and skill. We need to do everything we can to make sure that our children get to see, hear and photograph…

An Octopus Bite and a Visit From Mozambique’s Youngest Ocean Explorers

A group of young local underwater enthusiasts called the Nemos Pequenos inspire the Pristine Seas team with their interest and excitement, and an esteemed scientist is bitten by an octopus, in this update from Mozambique.

Bad Weather, Weird Parrot Fish Fact, and More

Bad weather puts the pressure on the team to get the day’s underwater surveys done, but there’s still time to relate a weird-but-true fact about where sand comes from.

Hōkūle‘a: The Dangers of Sailing Around the World

With only two months left before Hōkūle‘a leaves Hawai’i to sail around the world, crew members of the Polynesian Voyaging Society are rigorously training and planning for the challenges that lay ahead to ensure that this voyage will be safe and successful.

Continuing Excavations at an Ancient Burial Site Last Touched in 1919

One of our major goals this season is to investigate the largest pyramid at the site, which was not excavated by George Reisner in 1919 (the last time an archaeologist worked on the burials at El Kurru). Reisner was, among many other things, the first to figure out the location of burial chambers under the…

Singing Mozambican Fishermen Are the Perfect Alarm Clock

Shortly after dawn a small fleet of local fishing dhows sailed close to our anchorage, and as the men brought in the nets their happy work song was the most perfect alarm clock and an ideal start to the expedition’s first day of diving.

Happy 80th Birthday, Jane Goodall, From Nat Geo Explorers!

National Geographic Explorers and staff share their thanks, best wishes, and favorite moments with Jane Goodall. Find out how you can, too!

Wrapping Up Round Two

By Becca Peixotto, Caver/Scientist. In only eight days of digging, we retrieved more than 320 numbered fossil specimens and an awful lot of sediment. Don’t worry: there’s plenty more.

Life as the World’s Smallest Camel

Three years after becoming entranced by the world of the world’s smallest camel, Arthur Middleton returns to San Guillermo, Argentina with photographer Joe Riis to learn more about these unusual animals and to share their adventures here.

Pristine Seas: Mozambique Expedition Launches

As day dawns in the southeastern African coastal nation of Mozambique today, Pristine Seas Expedition Leader Paul Rose and team begin the latest in an ongoing series of missions to explore and document the biodiversity of the most untouched areas in the world’s oceans.

The Greater London National Park* Opens

“There is this idea that a National Park has to be remote and rural, but cities are incredibly important habitats too.” Daniel Raven-Ellison describes his project to change the way people look at cities.

Florida Manatees

The Florida Wildlife Corridor team is immersed in planning the next Expedition, a fall 2014 journey that will traverse the Gulf coast for 1,000 miles. And I am starting to get into the field to photograph places and stories our trek will soon encounter. One important character of the Corridor is the Florida manatee. When we…

BioBlitz Critter Pictures: Slime Time!

The name “BioBlitz” may conjure images of racing around trying to catch a sight of fauna fleet of foot, but in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, there are wonderful creatures to catch that are moving a good deal slower that you are. Exhibit A: The banana slug (photo by Clay Bolt). I watched one…

Young Visitor Helps Recover First Top Jaw From the Site

Principal excavator Becca Peixotto reports back on this week’s activity at the Rising Star hominin fossil cave site.

What’s New at This Week’s Excavation

By Becca Peixotto, Caver/Scientist. Discover what’s new about this expedition returning to the hominin fossil chamber at Rising Star.