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Paul Steyn

Paul Steyn is a widely-published travel journalist from South Africa. Having guided throughout Africa for some years, he went on to edit a prominent travel magazine, and now writes about and photographs unique experiences around the world. He enjoys documenting scientific expeditions and most recently joined a team of researchers and River Bushmen on a 250km transect of the Okavango Delta on traditional mokoros (Get Paul's ebook about the remarkable journey here: Into the Okavango: Africa's Last Wetland Wilderness).
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Aerial Census of Africa’s Elephants Aims to Help Conservation, Anti-Poaching Efforts

OKAVANGO DELTA, Botswana—”Fifteen elephants right!” ecologist Mike Chase shouts above the roar of the single-engine Cessna. The plane swoops low over the herd of gray bodies as they wade single-file across the floodplain below. We’re flying over the channels and islands on the western periphery of the vast Okavango Delta, as part of the Botswana leg…

Rare New Images of a Wild Snow Leopard on a Kill in Nepal

Witness this remarkable sighting of a rare snow leopard or ‘Mountain Ghost’ in the highlands of Nepal.

88-Year-Old Samburu Woman Sees a Dentist for the First Time

For some, taking care of their teeth is simply a case of heading over to the local dentist for a check-up, a bit of discomfort and to perhaps endure a filling, if necessary.  For others it’s not so easy. There are parts of Africa where people will go their entire lives without even seeing a dentist,…

A Ranger’s Worst and Best Sighting Ever: Amazing Fight Between Lion and Wild Dog

This was an emotional moment for game ranger Jaques-Pierre Joubert, who captured a remarkable set of photos along with colleague Roan Ravenhill in the Sabi Sands Game Reserve, South Africa. “As guides we are often asked about our best sighting ever,” says JP. “This was comprehensively the best and worst sighting of my guiding career.” JP…

Flight of the Rhino: The Remarkable New Way to Relocate African Wildlife

Witness this incredible method of safely relocating rhinos in South Africa…

Baby Baboon’s Frightening Encounter with Lions Ends with a Heroic Twist

Witness this remarkable interaction between a baby baboon, a lioness, and the heroic acts of the father baboon that follow.

Kenya Elephant Census Reveals Photos of Illegal Charcoal Production

The Great Elephant Census in Kenya is now potentially revealing a shocking emergence of illegal coal production in Tsavo region.

Incredibly Rare Tornado Sighting Over Lake Kariba

Amazing images of a rare system captured over Lake Kariba during a huge thunderstorm. Paul Steyn recounts the remarkable experience.

Freediving Cape Town’s Antipolis: Explore Sunken Tankers on a Single Breath

Paul Steyn recounts his thrilling experience Freediving Antipolis Wreck off the coast of Cape Town

Witness the First Ever Successful Snow Leopard Kill Caught on Camera

This is the first documented visual record of a snow leopard kill in the wild. An amazing set of photographs taken in the Himalayan mountains by Adam Riley.

This Will Shatter Your View of Apex Predators: How Wolves Change Rivers

Have a look at this amazing video showing how wolves have an ecological cascade effect on the entire ecosystem in which they live.

Zambia’s Greatest Wilderness: The Lower Zambezi National Park

Paul Steyn chats to some of the remarkable people living and working in the Lower Zambezi National Park, Zambia’s last great wilderness.

Massive Copper Mine in the Heart of Lower Zambezi National Park Approved

The battle continues as the Kangaluwi mining project in Zambia’s Lower Zambezi National Park is approved by the Patriotic Front. But at what cost?

Urban Wildlife Corridors Could Save Africa’s Free-Roaming Elephants

Wildlife corridors could pay a major role in reducing human/wildlife conflict and saving the largest remaining population of wild-roaming elephants on the planet.

Hunting is Not a Hot Topic: An Interview with Dereck and Beverly Joubert

Wildlife filmmakers Dereck and Beverly Joubert share their unfiltered thoughts on the end of safari hunting in Botswana.