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James Owen

James Owen is a journalist and author based in Stockholm, Sweden. After cutting his teeth on the news and features desks of several UK newspapers, he struck out as a freelance writer, specializing in life sciences and natural history. His fish biography 'Trout' (Reaktion Books) was published in 2012.

Q&A: What Can Dog Brains Tell Us About Humans?

Canine researcher Ádám Miklósi of the Family Dog Project gets us into the head of the family pooch—and how that could help us learn about our own brains.

Mystery Solved: Why Flies Are So Hard to Swat

Flies on the wing react to threats like fighter jets, banking away in a fraction of the blink of an eye, a new study says.

Sea Slugs Stab Mates Between The Eyes to Get Them In The Mood

Scientists report the “exceptional traumatic mating behavior” of a mysterious sea slug that gets intimate by inserting a hypodermic needle between the eyes of its mate.

What Happened to the Trout?

By James Owen If your canary in the mineshaft sprouts an extra head, you might think there’s a problem. But not, apparently, if you’re the J. R. Simplot Company. The canary in its case was the brown trout, and its mineshaft, the Smoky Canyon phosphate mine in southern Idaho. As revealed last month in The…