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Jane J. Lee

Jane J. Lee is a news writer and editor at National Geographic.

Some Ancient Sloths Ventured Into the Ocean, Study Says

A new study finds that dense bones enabled aquatic sloths to sink to shallow seagrass beds in order to graze.

Indonesia Announces World’s Largest Sanctuary for Manta Rays

The island nation declared a ban on fishing for both species of manta rays that inhabit the country’s exclusive economic zone.

Peanut Butter and Jellyfish: Delicious Sandwich Ingredient Gets Marine Twist

Staff at a Dallas aquarium wanted to see if they could supplement the diets of their jellies with protein—so they decided to give the animals peanut butter.

Western Australia’s Controversial Shark Cull Claims First Casualty

The controversial program—meant to protect people on Western Australia beaches from shark attacks—claims its first shark fatality.

Family of SeaWorld Trainer Killed by Orca Speaks Out for First Time

The family of Dawn Brancheau, the trainer killed by Tilikum the killer whale, speaks out for the first time about the documentary Blackfish.

Watch: First Video of Fish Leaping Into Air to Prey on Birds

This is the first time researchers have observed fish leaping into the air to prey on birds on the wing.

For a Nearly Hundred-foot-long Jellyfish, It’s Christmas All Year

This nearly hundred-foot-long sea creature is all dressed up for the holidays. Just don’t try to pet it. Its body contains thousands of poisoned-filled stinging cells just waiting for a victim to brush past.

Rare Saola, Dubbed “Asian Unicorn,” Sighted for First Time in 21st Century

Camera traps have captured images of a saola, an antelope-like mammal often referred to as the “Asian unicorn,” in the forests of Vietnam. This incredibly rare species was last seen in the wild 14 years ago, and has only been known to science since 1992.

Female Squid Flash Fake Testes

The ability of female market squid to turn on and off the color white helps them escape the amorous, and aggressive, attentions of male squid.

A Perfect Storm of Cute: Cheetah Cubs Grow Up With Puppy

The Dallas Zoo has paired two cheetah cubs with a black Labrador retriever puppy to help the cats acclimate to their new role at the zoo.

Ghost, Demon, and Cat Sharks Found

Researchers have discovered at least eight new species of deep-sea shark in the southern Indian Ocean.

In Her Words: Sylvia Earle on Women in Science

National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Sylvia Earle reflects on her scientific career and on gender obstacles she faced along the way.

Google Doodle Honors Mathematician Leonhard Euler

Today’s Google Doodle honors Leonhard Euler—an 18th-century numbers whiz who’s credited with being the most prolific mathematician in history.

Read Francis Crick’s $6 Million Letter to Son Describing DNA

Read the letter that sold at auction for just over $6 million. Francis Crick, one of three researchers awarded a Nobel Prize in 1962 for discovering the structure of DNA, wrote a letter in 1953 describing the finding to his 12-year-old son, who was away at boarding school.

Top 10 Headlines Today: Bedbug Remedy, Official Beer Microbe…

On our radar today: 1) Scientists try to copy leaves that impale bedbugs; 2) Oregon set to name its official microbe; 3) Broad-faced men are better at baseball…