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Marine ecologist Dr. Enric Sala is a National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence who combines science, exploration and media to help restore marine life. Sala’s scientific publications are used for conservation efforts such as the creation of marine protected areas. 2005 Aldo Leopold Leadership Fellow, 2006 Pew Fellow in Marine Conservation, 2008 Young Global Leader at the World Economic Forum.

The Future of the Past in Palau

Enric Sala and team are back in the big blue on their latest expedition to explore and document the world’s most pristine seas. This time, the destination is the Micronesian island group of Palau.

New Caledonia Expedition: An Army of Giant Parrotfish

Today we dove at Astrolabe Reef, a remote coral atoll northeast of New Caledonia. So far it’s the best place we have explored. In our dives today we’ve seen everything one hopes to see: sharks, groupers, Napoleon wrasse, bright red old sea fans, and many other gorgeous animals. But the most impressive sight – and…

New Caledonia Expedition: A Treasure Trove of Stunning Sea Life

The team explorers the remote Huon Island and its lagoon, encountering a refuge for marine life filled with bizarre and vibrant creatures.

New Caledonia Expedition: Green Umbrellas in the Reef

Written by Kike Ballesteros Imagine you’re on the first day of vacation, arriving in the Florida Keys, Cozumel, Cabo Pulmo, the Bahamas or another beautiful beach destination. Now it’s time to go swimming and sunbathing on the beach, but you have to be careful. To protect against a sunburn you may need the help of…

New Caledonia Expedition: A Kaleidoscope of Corals

Written by Manu San Félix The other day, Alan Friedlander wrote that “these reefs are like windows into the past.” He was right; diving here is like taking a time machine back to an age when the ocean had no human impact and was full of sharks, tunas and groupers. A time when the marine…

New Caledonia Expedition: Diving in a Place Where the Fish Have Never Seen Divers

Sometimes it is hard to tell who is more surprised, us or the fish. Every time we jump in the water, we are immediately surrounded by a swarm of curious reef sharks.

New Caledonia Expedition: Turtle Lovin’

Written by Manu San Félix Today we had a difficult day of diving, navigating far away from our ship with dive boats in rough seas. In spite of the bad conditions we were able to complete three dives in beautiful reefs and coral gardens with groupers, sharks and more. Afterwards, we went back to our…

New Caledonia Expedition: And We’re Off!

In the crystal blue waters of New Caledonia, a country slightly smaller than the state of New Jersey and located about 750 miles off the eastern coast of Australia in the South Pacific, a team of experts are setting sail on the next Pristine Seas expedition. Our team has traveled from all around the globe…

Pristine Seas: New Caledonia Expedition Begins

Last year the governments of New Caledonia and Australia announced their commitment to create a large marine park in the Coral Sea, but a large portion has barely been explored. This team is about to change that.

Franz Josef Land Expedition: First Look at Post-Expedition Discoveries

SEP 9 2013, WASHINGTON DC — Scientists and expedition co-leaders, Dr. Enric Sala and Dr. Maria Gavrilo, published a summary of August 2013 National Geographic and Russian Arctic National Park expedition to comprehensively survey the land and waters of Franz Josef Land, sponsored by Blancpain, Davidoff Cool Water, Patagonia and Mares. Interview conducted by Lucie…

Franz Josef Land Expedition: What We’ve Accomplished So Far

National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Enric Sala is setting off to explore Franz Josef Land, one of the most remote archipelagos in the world, only 900 km from the North Pole. Home to polar bears, whales, seals and more, the team will investigate how global warming may be affecting this crucial ecosystem in ways we still do not fully comprehend.…

Franz Josef Land Expedition: …And Then There Was This Other Iceberg

“We’re being attacked by a swimming polar bear?” was Andy Mann’s first thought as the team has a close encounter with a dangerous iceberg.

Franz Josef Land Expedition: Visions Above and Below the Icy Waves

Photographer Andrey Kamenev catches the scene as Enric and team document the process of ice algae sampling.

Franz Josef Land Expedition: The Underwater Colors of the Arctic

The early explorers were heroic in their efforts to explore and survey, but missed most of the living space of the Arctic: its underwater world. During our expedition to Franz Josef Land we are discovering this unknown world beneath the surface, and unveiling a colorful kaleidoscope.

Franz Josef Land Expedition: (Halfway Point) Camaraderie, Collaboration & New Discoveries

Lucie McNeil sat down with Maria Gavrilo, Deputy Director of Science, Russian Arctic National Park, Franz Josef Land for a mid-expedition update.