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Darcy Ogada

of The Peregrine Fund

Growing up my first love was frogs and my second love was winter. I've spent almost my entire career working on the equator studying birds of prey. Like the birds I study, I am highly adaptable. Vultures and owls are my passion. I live an hour outside Nairobi with my six-year old son who wants to study swordfish, killer whales, cheetahs and leopards.

Africa’s Silent Spring Is Upon Us

Can Africa’s ecosystems survive the toxic effects of wildlife poisoning?

1,500 Poisoned Vultures Since May, Vultures Now Targeted for Their Heads

This year has seen a dramatic increase in vulture poisonings particularly in southern Africa. At current levels many species of African vulture will become extinct within our lifetimes.

Beautiful Nature Photography from Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Kenya

A stunning look at Ol Pejeta Conservancy’s wildlife-rich plains.

Mass Poisonings Devastate African Wildlife, Incite “Urgent Measures”

The recent mass poisoning of vultures has prompted the Namibian Ministry of Environment and Tourism to propose urgent legislation that would ban over-the-counter sales of poisons and pesticides. (Read more: Elephant Poachers Poison Hundreds of Vultures to Evade Authorities) Further investigations have revealed that over 1,000 vultures may have perished in this single incident.  While this…

Elephant Poachers Poison Hundreds of Vultures to Evade Authorities

Poachers lace the discarded elephant carcass with cheap poisons to kill vultures in mass. Why? Because vultures circling in the sky alert wildlife authorities to the location of poachers’ activities.

On the Slow Train to Find Vultures in Northern Kenya

My 1985 Toyota Landcruiser can’t swim. So when the mud-coloured lake that was once a road started pouring through my doors I knew it was time to get the heck outta there.

How to Hold a Vulture While in the Grip of a Jackal

Catching a vulture while being bit by a jackal in Laikipia, Kenya

What Do You Need to Trap a Vulture?

There are two things I need while trapping vultures, good company and chocolate. Fortunately, I managed the first one, but unfortunately for my trapping partner I overlooked the second. The media’s portrayal of the work of wildlife biologists is unapologetically deceptive. The exciting moments of the capture and handling of a live, often furry, creature…