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Andrew Howley is a member of the National Geographic Mission Programs team, working to share the stories of NG explorers and grantees online. For more than four years he produced the Home Page of, and helped manage the Society's Facebook page during its breakout year of 2010. He received a BA in Anthropology with a focus on Archaeology from the College of William & Mary in Virginia. His personal interests include painting, running, and reading about history.

Inside the Cradle of Humankind

Taking a break from the stresses and excitement of the excavation, the team took a day to visit two other sites in the Cradle of Humankind.

The Skull Man Arrives

With the skull pieces drying and nearly ready to reassemble, hominid skull expert Darryl de Ruiter arrives on site and reveals secrets of the trade.

Video: Sights and Sounds of a Storm at Camp

While the caver/scientists underground remain blissfully unaware of what’s going on up top, a South African thunderstorm moves in and creates a show of sights and sounds for the rest of the team.

Video: Scientists Recover Ancient Hominid Skull From Cave

After days of collecting only bones that sat on the surface of the cave floor, a team of scientists carefully excavates part of a hominid skull, which could be the key to identifying the species of the many individuals found in the cave.

Video: The Cavers Behind South Africa’s New Hominid Discovery

Scientists from around the world are camped outside Johannesburg, recovering and studying a cache of ancient hominid fossils. None of them would be there if it weren’t for a couple of local recreational cavers.

100th Fossil Tagged at New Hominid Site

The team reaches a milestone and in the process gains some faint new clues about how their mystery hominid moved in life.

Video: Scientists Examine Skulls to Aid New Fossil Identification

Steve Churchill, post-cranial specialist on the Rising Star Expedition shows off the hominid skull replicas in the Science tent, and explains how the team uses them to help identify the skull pieces emerging from the cave below.

A “Day Off” Still Manages to Yield Another Hominid Skeleton

As the Rising Star Expedition team in South Africa works to excavate an ancient hominid cranium, they’re forced to stop by the unlikely complication that there are too many other bones around it.

Video: Fossil Cache Yields Multiple Ancient Hominids

Within 24 hours of beginning their fossil recovery, scientists on the Rising Star Expedition discover that the cave contains more than one individual.

Video: Caver/Scientists Bring Up First Hominid Fossil

On the very first day of entering the fossil chamber 30 meters below ground, a team of archaeologists recovers a fossil that paves the way for many new discoveries.

Multiple Ancient Hominids Found on Day 2 of Rising Star Expedition

After a day and a half of pulling out fossils from a cave in South Africa, an international team of cavers and scientists realizes they have one of the rarest of finds: multiple ancient hominids.

Video: First Day in Fossil Cave

Archaeologists in South Africa descend into the deepest part of a cave containing newly discovered early hominid fossils in one of the most technically challenging and hi-tech paleoanthropological expeditions yet.

Remarkably Well Preserved Hominid Skeleton Emerges

“We have a mandible. We’ve seen the skull. And there are more bones. Lots of them.” NG Explorer Lee Berger’s expedition in South Africa reveals a find for the ages: an early hominid with skull and bones together.

Video: “Underground Astronauts” Prepare to Recover Hominid Fossils

National Geographic Explorer Lee Berger calls his team of archaeologists “underground astronauts.” Watch this video and you can see why.

Video: The Landscape of Human Evolution

NG Explorer Lee Berger introduces his latest expedition, an exploration deep inside a landscape that has been home and tomb to humans and our ancestors for thousands of millennia.