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Andrew Fazekas

Andrew Fazekas, aka The Night Sky Guy, is a science writer, broadcaster, and lecturer who loves to share his passion for the wonders of the universe through all media. He is a regular contributor to National Geographic News and is the national cosmic correspondent for Canada’s Weather Network TV channel, space columnist for CBC Radio network, and a consultant for the Canadian Space Agency. As a member of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Andrew has been observing the heavens from Montreal for over a quarter century and has never met a clear night sky he didn’t like.

5 Sky Events This Week: Goddess of Love and the Milky Way Rises

A truly eye-catching pairing of our moon and a neighboring diamond-like world sparkles in the sky this week, while the Milky Way and shooting stars hit prime time. Moon and Venus. Early morning risers in the Americas on Tuesday, June 24, will get a chance to see the crescent moon pair up with brilliant Venus.…

Waves Discovered on Saturn’s Moon Titan?

Surf’s up on one of Saturn’s moons, report astronomers.

Top Night Sky Photo Winners for 2014

Award winning astronomy photos sparkled this week.

Giant Blast Marks Milestone for Future Monster Telescope

A giant telescope kicks off construction with a mountaintop blast today.

5 Sky Events This Week: Goddess of Love and Distant Giants

The goddess of love this week brightens the dawn hours for skywatchers.

Solar Storm Heading Toward Earth

Northern lights and solar storms might strike tomorrow night.

4 Sky Events This Week: Neptune Full Stop, Celestial Lineup, Scorpion Claws Moon

The moon stars this week in a celestial showcase for skywatchers.

Watch as ‘the Beast’ Asteroid Sails Past Earth This Week

An asteroid called “the Beast” will sail past Earth on Thursday. Catch a glimpse as it passes.

Super Earths Found Circling Ancient Star

A habitable-zone planet circles a nearby star zipping past our solar system.

5 Sky Events This Week: Rare Celestial Shadow Dance and Leo Paws at the Moon

A brightening comet, Jupiter’s moons and a rendezvous with Mars fill out another exciting week in skywatching.

Spot the Space Station From Dusk Till Dawn

Look, up in the sky. That unblinking white light is indeed the International Space Station.

So What Happened With the Camelopardilid Meteors?

Space particles of the wrong size—too small—resulted in an underwhelming sky show.

4 Sky Events This Week: Comet Challenge, Stellar Trio, and Planet Pairings

The parent of the now famous Camelopardalid meteor shower offers sky-watchers a challenge this week. They can also focus in on the Guardian of the Great Bear and watch four classic naked-eye planets swing into view. Comet Challenge.  Now that the much hyped but disappointing Camelopardalid meteor shower has come and gone, its parent comet,…

Stunning Snapshot: Southern Star Cluster Helps Unlock Galactic Mysteries

A colorful star cluster offers a delightful viewing opportunity for both professional astronomers and amateur skywatchers.

Watch New Meteor Shower Peak in the Sky and Online

Heads up, folks! A new, monster of a meteor shower may grace our skies on Saturday.