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Audio Story: To Walk Into the Storm

“You are privileged to walk this.”

It’s amazing how such a simple statement ripped me apart. Give me rain, wind, and even hail — I’ll persist! But what happens when I can’t answer why I persist?

With all the preparations and work to be able to walk the Rim of Africa, you’d think I’d know why I wanted to do it. I wrote entire grant applications and sponsorship proposals explaining why I wanted to hike the Rim of Africa! But you’d find those reasons don’t matter when you’re consistently quasi-starved, exhausted, beat-up, and facing a storm in the mountains. You gotta find new reasons to continue forward.

I’m trying something new by sharing this audio story, please share your feedback.

As a National Geographic Young Explorer, Jay walked over 400 miles in the mountains of South Africa, completing the first trek of the entire Rim of Africa Mountain Trail, to help educate South African youth on the Cape Floristic Region and conservation through the story of creating Africa’s first Mega-Trail. More at Rim of Africa Multimedia Trail Journal.

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