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Life Without Water Is Awkward: New Viral Videos

To drive home the importance of water conservation and protection, the Change the Course team is producing a new series of shorts called “Life Without Water is Awkward: Change the Course.”

The first two videos have been released, and are already airing on Pivot TV, a brand new cable television network aimed at galvanizing young people for positive change.

Pivot is a division of Participant Media, the company behind such documentary hits as Food, Inc., Last Call at the Oasis, and An Inconvenient Truth. Participant Media is a core partner of the Change the Course campaign, an effort to restore the critical Colorado River Basin that is also led by National Geographic and the Bonneville Environmental Foundation.

Participant Media has done the heavy lifting to produce “Life Without Water is Awkward,” although the National Geographic and Bonneville teams helped brainstorm the concepts at the idea phase.

We hope the short clips help you think about water in a new way. What do you think?

You can learn more about Change the Course here in Water Currents,then:

Help restore water to the Colorado River by joining Change the Course.  Sign up online or text ‘River’ to 77177.


Life Without Water is Awkward

Special thanks to Silk and Coca-Cola, Charter Sponsors for Change the Course. Additional funding generously provided by the Walton Family Foundation.


  1. mickey brooks
    United States
    March 15, 5:37 pm

    @ clean bottle water tap water is potable unless indicated otherwise most wells don’t even have filtration because they are completely potable.

  2. Helen
    New Zealand
    March 8, 9:23 pm

    Well it depends on where you are. There’s no point in buying bottled water if you don’t need to because that just supports the plastic industry and use of plastic really does need to be more limited. There is no place in NZ where tap water is unsafe except in some campsites which tap water directly from rivers; lowland rivers tend to have unsafe levels of bacteria for drinking but water from mountain rivers can be drunk directly from the river without boiling. It’s never made me sick. It pays to check what the water is like where you are.

  3. James
    January 22, 9:26 am

    We need to conserve water and need to stop dumping in water, that is some of the ways we can save water.

  4. Clean bottle water
    October 29, 2013, 8:00 am

    I agree with you..The very first thing to keep in mind is to drink water that is boiled and filtered. Do not drink tap water as it isn’t potable (safe for drinking).