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Crowdsourcing Team Assists in Climber Search


4:27pm EST August 10

For a detailed account of the timeline of the search for the climbers, read Luke Barrington’s post on


2:27pm EST July 28

The team at Tomnod has just alerted us that the bodies of Gil and Ben have been found. On their site, the team offers these words of thanks and consolation for all those who assisted in the search or felt close to the lost climbers:

“This tragic news brings our search to an end. We thank everyone who donated time, money, effort, thoughts and prayers. The coming days, weeks and years will be difficult and we remember the family and loved ones they left behind. Gil and Ben continue their adventure into the hereafter.”

Read the Washington Post’s in depth coverage on the discovery of the climbers.



Two experienced U.S. climbers, Gil Weiss and Ben Horne, have gone missing in the Cordillera Blanca mountain range in Peru. Their situation was reported and a search began after they were overdue to contact their families by two days.

The crowdsourcing team, Tomnod, led by National Geographic Emerging Explorer Albert Lin, is assisting in the search for the mountaineers by asking the public to examine satellite images of the region in the hope that some trace of them can be found. They are also accepting donations to raise money for an air search of the region.

Click here to assist Tomnod in this effort.

This search has personal meaning to the Tomnod team, as the missing climbers are friends of Lin.

For the full story on the missing climbers, visit the Washington Post’s in depth story on the situation.